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The Archival Identity Unconference held in Portland, OR on March 27th, 2015 was the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest to gather members of NWA to discuss the evolving definitions of our professional identity. Brought to you by members of the Northwest Archivists, the Portland Area Archivists and the Portland Emerging Archivists, this gathering was designed to generate further discussion, thought and action. In order to facilitate this interaction beyond the boundaries of a one-night unconference, we have built this page to create a space to continue the work, ideas and talk. 

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  • 31 Mar 2015 7:07 AM | Bryce Henry (Administrator)

    Hi Whoever is Reading This!

    I'd just like to thank everyone who participated for all the great discussion last Friday evening (3/27).  If you were unable to make it either in person or live online but are vaguely curious as to how about 40 archivists could spend over three hours talking on a single subject (more-or-less anyway) then I believe there will be a video of it available before too long.  I was relieved to hear from a couple other folks that they felt they did too much talking since I was definitely feeling the same, but I'm still guessing that when I re-watch the whole thing the video will back me up in my belief that I talked a lot and was less than good about following guidelines I helped create (like not interrupting).

    I've received some great feedback and an enthusiastic and positive response from a bunch of different people - so a big thanks to my co-conspirators, Max Johnson and Diana Banning, there would have been no unconference without them.

    To anyone coming to gawk at what feedback exists, what did you think?  Personally, I had a great time and am still thinking over some points people made and discussions I had.  I'd kind of like to hear from someone that was either dissatisfied, thought the whole thing was a waste of a Friday, or just didn't have fun - you can email me if you don't want to make your feelings public but it would be great if you did.

    Finally, to those who learned something or just enjoyed the company of your colleagues and peers, would you be interested in doing something like this again? Where? And what would you change or do differently?


Please contact Colleen Needham (Communications Chair) with any questions. 

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