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Roommate match-up

  • 28 Apr 2012 1:13 AM
    Reply # 904930 on 791144
    Jacci,I find that the best way to garner that inmtfraoion is through the IDX integration on an RE site. I find people are a lot more willing to provide an email and register so they can store their searches and get notification of properties coming on the market that meat their criteria.For a normal RE Blog I think it throws a red flag at a reader if they have to register before leaving a comment.
  • 04 Jun 2012 4:46 PM
    Reply # 944543 on 708298
    5. GQueues. This is not a Google application, but it does sync up with Google Calendar. I use GQueues to crteae to-do lists for the different areas of my life: marketing tactics for my career coaching biz blog post ideas for Freelancedom and LoveMom I even use the e-mail alert feature to remind myself to pay my bills on time. You can read more on one of my favorite apps of all time right here.
  • 04 Jun 2012 10:50 PM
    Reply # 945988 on 714650
    Dear Men of Kappa Sigma,I suggest a reieamdl course in English for your members. I suggest this since Michael appears to need one. Please keep up the good work in recruiting those elite young men! Dear Michael,You should be careful when making assumptions about a person's educational background. I used my time at university doing things like serving as Student Senate President, meeting with the Governor, contributing to campus policy and maintaining a 3.85 GPA. I’ve spent years and years out in the real world. I've run a successful business, bought houses, traveled internationally and raised a child. I hope that is enough experience in the real world to satisfy the FFT? I wonder if your mother would think it's funny to refer to girls as slampieces . The only emotions I feel reading this story and the responses are laughter and pity. I'm sorry for you. You'll either grow up some day or you won't. Hopefully you will since that is what college is supposed to do.Bless your heart. ;)
  • 04 Jun 2012 11:43 PM
    Reply # 946091 on 712248
    lets go to your room'. Compelling anecdote. Wouldn't such low-class trash have to have been ievtind to that party? By a Kappa Sig? Are you saying that Kappa Sig invites God Damned Independent low-class trash to parties and gets them drunk enough to puke, just so they can call them a slampiece later? Wasn't such low-class trash (invited to a Kappa Sig party by a Kappa Sig) ievtind for the purposes of fortuitous gratuitous drunken sex? Did you refuse to actually slam her because her aggressiveness dare I say her independence made your wee-wee wilt? Is that why this incident is etched so deeply in your memory?Count me impressed, and good luck with your youthful erectile dysfunction. Maybe your brothers will help you work on it. Pride. Brotherly love.David Franks???, ???, ???, ???
  • 05 Jun 2012 1:33 AM
    Reply # 946396 on 719989
    What are you going to complain about? Oh, they made fun of us. If the Occupy crowd are going to say snitehmog to people in the fraternity about being spoiled or whatever, why not throw some crap back at them. What if the boys with the sign don't agree with the Occupy movement? Does that mean the men in the fraternity aren't entitled to their opinion? Folks write about arrogance of people in fraternities, but the opinion that only one side is entitled to an opinion is more arrogant and elitist.For the record, I'm farely certain these guys know they are not in the top 1%; however, they could be. You really don't have any idea. There have been people in that particular house who are in the top 1%. You mock them instead of applauding their success. That is your choice. These boys are operating with the same rights.
  • 05 Jun 2012 7:21 AM
    Reply # 946965 on 791147
    They are being honest about at least their aspnratiois and inclinations, if not their actual membership in the 1%. We should welcome their acknowledgement that they and many fraternities and sororities are elitist institutions where people learn to view themselves as being entitled to the cultural, political and economic benefits of membership within elite networks. Of course they laugh at the 99%. Marie Antoinette laughed at the 99% too. Our focus should remain on fighting them economically, politically, and culturally. Their smug tomfoolery will evaporate when they realize the masses are at the gates demanding to eat.
  • 05 Jun 2012 8:08 AM
    Reply # 947011 on 904822
    Yes, move along, people with opnniois. Being obnoxious, oblivious to the genuine suffering of people who need WORK and equality, and general stupidity is something to laugh about and praise!I'd wager that most of these upstanding male children don't even have jobs, so it's ridiculous to think that they should empathize with others who have been in the workforce and are trying to voice differing points of view. Only approved messages should be heard!So move along indeed! The bums lost, Lebowski!
  • 05 Jun 2012 8:18 AM
    Reply # 947016 on 920914
    I have to say the strategy of playnig to draw a game while not unknown in team events other than ETC is still something I find shocking. Who in their right mind wants to go to another country to play Warhammer and end up as the guy who has to try and draw games for the team?Besides that Skype problems were minimal which was good, keep up the good work Jeff but you really need to get some more of the Newie boyz back on
  • 05 Jun 2012 8:28 AM
    Reply # 947028 on 696688
    TFTC! Hahahaha! I just discovered what that means after cncekihg out the TFM website and seeing it in comments. Too Frat To Care. Are these kids serious? After spending two or three minutes on that site reading comments I had had enough. I bet there would be some proud proud parents if they could read what their sons think at that site. Slampiece is a particularly lovely nickname for women. Yeah, sooo proud.
  • 05 Jun 2012 9:19 AM
    Reply # 947059 on 904814
    (Dexonline) Numele păpușoiului vine de la asemănarea știuletelui cu un porumbel, cf. lat. med. arnduo „lance” (Silos 46), sp. carrizo. Ipoteza că ar fi vorba de un calc din bg. gălăb „porumbel”, gălăbi „porumb” (Rosetti, Influența limbii slave, 42) nu pare oportună; un eemprumut cu sens opus pare mai ușor de admis. Cultura porumbului, introdusă destul de teerziu (pe la 1680 een Munt. și pe la 1690 een Mold.; data care se citează de obicei e falsă, cf. Nicolae Costin, een 1694) a progresat repede, eenlocuind cultura greeului, care era obiectul unui monopol comercial turcesc. Der. porumbă (var. mold. poreembă), s. f. (porumbiță) a fost considerat reprezentant direct al lat. palŭmbŭla (Candrea-Dens., 1432) sau palŭmba (Candrea), ipoteză care nu este necesară; porumbac, adj. (cenușiu, murg; fluture de noapte, Sphinx euphorbiae), cf. lat. meg. palumbacius; porumbar, s. m. (crescător de porumbei; scorombar, Prunus spinosa; s.m.m hulubărie; s. n., coșar, pătul), poate direct din lat. palŭmbarium (Pușcariu 1361; Candrea-Dens., 1433; cuveentul apare la Du Cange); porumbea, s. f. (porumbiță); porumbel, s. m. (hulub; porumbar; plantă liliacee, Muscari botryoides; păsări de heertie); porumbărie, s. f. (hulubărie); porumbește, adv. (ca porumbeii); porumbiște, s. f. (lan de porumb); porumbiță, s. f. (hulubiță; iubită); porumbrea (var. porumbrică), s. f. (porumbă); porumbrel, s. m. (scorombar); porumbie, s. f. (varietate de strugure). – Bg. gălăbi „porumbiță” a ajuns să eensemne „porumb”, probabil prin calc din rom. (Tiktin; Mladenov, Spisanie za bălg. Akademija, XLIII, 93).

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